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Analysis Options

There are a number of different options that affect the analysis.

Saving Features For Each Window

Every time a window is calculated, a set of features is extracted. If this checkbox is selected, the features extracted will be save to a file. Note When outputing to Weka's ARFF format, outputing on a window by window basis is mutually exclusive with outputing overall statistics.

Save For Overall Recordings

This checkbox toggles whether or not statistics on the mean and standard deviation should be calculated for every feature over the entire recording. Note that this option is mutually exclusive with outputing on a per window basis when outputing to Weka's ARFF format.


jAudio supports two different output formats. One is the XML format used by ACE. The other is Weka's ARFF. While ACE can fully utilize the features given, ARFF is more limited. With Weka's ARFF selected only one of "Save Per Window" or "Save Overall Stats" can be selected.

Sample Rate

The sample rate that all recordings should be analyzed at is determined by this combo box. It is defined as the number of samples that are played per-second during playback. Each of the items is the kilohertz. All recordings are automatically resampled on the fly to the sampling rate given without altering the original recordings.

Normalising Recordings

With this checkbox checked, all samples in each recording are multiplied by the gain required so that the highest sample value is exactly 1.0.

Validate Recordings

From the Recordings menu is a checkbox for validating Recordings. If this checkbox is selected then all recordings that are added are first completely loaded into memory in order to verify that the recording is a valid recording file. Deselecting this box will save time and memory when the recording is first loaded but may result in bad recordings being discovered in the middle of analysis.