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Batch Jobs

Batch Jobs are a mechanism for setting up a sequence of experiments to run consecutively. Each batch is self contained, containing all the references needed to load files and process them into destination files without the need of human intervention. To aid in the process of creating and managing batch files, there are a number of commands under "Batches" in the menu bar

To define a batch, do the following:

  • Add a series of file references to the recording panel (see Adding Audio for more detailed instructions
  • Set the settings in the "Analysis" menu bar and on the main window.
  • Set the desintation for the results
  • Select "Define Batch" from the "Batches" menu
  • Enter a unique name for this batch

Viewing a Batch

To view the settings for a batch, select it from the "View Batch" menu. All the settings for the batch are then loaded into jAudio's current settings.

Removing a Batch

To delete a previously defined batch, select the batch to be removed in the "Remove Batch" menu under "Batches". The selected batch will be removed from memory.

Saving and Loading Batch Files

To save batch files, first define a set of batches using Define Batch from the "Batch" menu. Once all the batches have been defined, select "Save BatchFile" from the "Batches" menu. In the save dialog window enter the name of the batch file.

To load a batch file, select "Load BatchFile" from the "batches" menu. In the open dialog box choose the previously saved batch file. If the loading is successful, a message box will appear to confirm. If the process is unsuccessful, an error message will be displayed.

Executing Batches

To execute a batch file:

  • Either add batches or load batches into jAudio.
  • Select "Execute Batches" from the "Batches" menu.

A progress bar will appear that will indicate the progress of the batched jobs.