Package cern.colt

Interface Summary
Swapper Interface for an object that knows how to swap elements at two positions (a,b).

Class Summary
Arrays Array manipulations; complements java.util.Arrays.
GenericPermuting Generically reorders (permutes) arbitrary shaped data (for example, an array, three arrays, a 2-d matrix, two linked lists) using an in-place swapping algorithm.
GenericSorting Generically sorts arbitrary shaped data (for example multiple arrays, 1,2 or 3-d matrices, and so on) using a quicksort or mergesort.
Partitioning Given some interval boundaries, partitions arrays such that all elements falling into an interval are placed next to each other.
PersistentObject This empty class is the common root for all persistent capable classes.
Sorting Quicksorts, mergesorts and binary searches; complements java.util.Arrays.
Timer A handy stopwatch for benchmarking.
Version Information about the current release.