Class Moments

  extended by jAudioFeatureExtractor.AudioFeatures.FeatureExtractor
      extended by jAudioFeatureExtractor.AudioFeatures.Moments

public class Moments
extends FeatureExtractor

Class that calculates the first 5 stastical method of moments (Fujinaga 1997). Very similar to Area Method of Moments feature, but does not have the large offset - this feature starts producing results on the first window.

Fujinaga, I. Adaptive Optical Music Recognition. PhD thesis, McGill University, 1997.

Daniel McEnnis

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class jAudioFeatureExtractor.AudioFeatures.FeatureExtractor
definition, dependencies, offsets, parent
Constructor Summary
          Base constructor that defines definition, dependencies, and offsets.
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object clone()
          Create an identical copy of this feature.
 double[] extractFeature(double[] samples, double sampling_rate, double[][] other_feature_values)
          Calculates method of moments on the magnitude spectrum.
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Constructor Detail


public Moments()
Base constructor that defines definition, dependencies, and offsets.

Method Detail


public double[] extractFeature(double[] samples,
                               double sampling_rate,
                               double[][] other_feature_values)
                        throws java.lang.Exception
Calculates method of moments on the magnitude spectrum.

Specified by:
extractFeature in class FeatureExtractor
samples - The samples to extract the feature from.
sampling_rate - The sampling rate that the samples are encoded with.
other_feature_values - The values of other features that are needed to calculate this value. The order and offsets of these features must be the same as those returned by this class's getDependencies and getDependencyOffsets methods respectively. The first indice indicates the feature/window and the second indicates the value.
The extracted feature value(s).
java.lang.Exception - Throws an informative exception if the feature cannot be calculated.


public java.lang.Object clone()
Create an identical copy of this feature. This permits FeatureExtractor to use the prototype pattern to create new composite features using metafeatures.

Specified by:
clone in class FeatureExtractor