Package jAudioFeatureExtractor.actions

Class Summary
AboutAction Displays author information about jAudio.
AddBatchAction Action that adds a batch to the internal system.
AddRecordingAction Action for importing audio files into jAudio.
CopyAction Copy object that is included for completeness only.
CutAction Cut Action that is included for completenes only.
EditRecordingsAction Shows the ProceessSamplesFrame - allowing editing of several aspects of audio files.
ExecuteBatchAction Action for executing one or more batches.
ExitAction Action for exiting the program
GlobalWindowChangeAction Action for changing all feature window sizes simultaneously.
LoadAction Reads a file containing settings and resets jAUdio to match those settings.
LoadBatchAction Action for loading previously saved batch files.
MultipleToggleAction Action for allowing keyboard shortcuts to select or deselect multiple features simultaneously.
OutputTypeAction Action responsible for processing when a user changes from either ACE or ARFF output format from the menu bar.
PasteAction Paste action included for completeness.
PlayMIDIAction Loads the MIDIFrame for playing midi files
PlayNowAction Play a file from a reference.
PlaySamplesAction Play Back from internally stored samples.
RecordFromMicAction Action that creates and displays the RecordingFrame
RemoveBatchAction Removes the selected batch from the set of batch files currently loaded.
RemoveRecordingAction Removes the selected recordings from the recordings table
SamplingRateAction Action handling changes in the sample rate.
SaveAction Saves the settings of the system.
SaveBatchAction Save the current list of batches into an XML format file.
StopPlayBackAction Halts previously any started playback.
SynthesizeAction Action that shows the SynthesizeFrame
ViewBatchAction Action that loads all settings in the chosen batch file into the current window.
ViewFileInfoAction Action that displays the details of a given file.