Class AudioEventLineListener

  extended by jAudioFeatureExtractor.jAudioTools.AudioEventLineListener
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, javax.sound.sampled.LineListener

public class AudioEventLineListener
extends java.lang.Object
implements javax.sound.sampled.LineListener

An implementation of the LineListener interface. Objects of this class can be attached to audio Line objects, and react to open, start, stop or close events that they generate.

This particular implementation prints data to regarding each such event to standard out. The information includes the type of event, what type of line it occured on, a unique code for the particular line that fired the event and the sample frame on the line that the event happened on.

Note that all this data may not be available on all systems, as some of the data parsing that was used may be system specific.

Note that some information produced regarding the line details and the overview is not outputted, as it is unlikely to be useful.

Cory McKay

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void update(javax.sound.sampled.LineEvent event)
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Constructor Detail


public AudioEventLineListener()
Method Detail


public void update(javax.sound.sampled.LineEvent event)
Specified by:
update in interface javax.sound.sampled.LineListener