Package jAudioFeatureExtractor

Interface Summary
ModelListener This interface is responsible for updating a feature table when the underlying data changes.
Updater Interface used by the underlying system to provide updates on system progress without locking the execution into a particular type of view (gui or console).

Class Summary
ActiveAggTableModel ActiveAggTableModel Model holding the selection of aggregators that are to be used in per file extraction.
AddBatchGUI AddBatchGui qllows a user to supply a name for an existing batch.
AggEditorFrame AggEditorFrame Provides a window for setting parameters and features on an aggregator.
AggFeatureListModel AggFeatureListModel Lists the features in the given window of the edit aggregator window.
AggListTableModel AggListTableModel The model backing the list of available aggregators.
AggregatorFrame AggregatorFrame Window for altering the available aggregators for per-file analysis.
BatchExecutionThread GUI components that handles the execution of the feature extraction.
BatchProgressFrame Frame showing progress bars detailing the progress of the exeuction of batches.
Controller Controller is a master location for all actions and non-gui components.
DataModel All components that are not tightly tied to GUI.
EditFeatures Window for allowing a user to edit the individual features in the table.
ExtractionThread This is a thread for executing the DataModel.extractFeatures without tying up the swing dispatch thread.
FeatureSelectorPanel A window that allows users to select which features to save as well as some basic parameters relating to these features.
FeatureSelectorTableModel A table model used by the FeatureSelectorPanel to store references to feature definitions.
GlobalWindowChange This is a window for changing all window based features simultaneously.
MIDIFrame This Frame allows the user to load MIDI files using the Load MIDI File Button and play them as audio using the Play MIDI and Stop Playback buttons.
OuterFrame A panel holding various components of the jAudio Feature Extractor GUI
ProcessSamplesFrame A window that allows the user to process and edit the samples belonging to an audio recording.
ProgressFrame This class provides a set of progress bars for the normal (non-batch) feature extrcation
RecordingFrame A JFrame that allows the user to record audio in the system (coming in through a mic, playing from a file, etc.) and store it in a buffer.
RecordingSelectorPanel A window that allows users to select audio files to extract features from, edit or play.
RecordingsTableModel A table model used by the RecordingSelectorPanel to store references to audio recordings.
SampleTextDialog A modal dialog box for displaying long lists of sample values.
SortingTableModelDecorator Decorator model on top of normal feature selection model.
SynthesisFrame This dialog allows the user to generate audio using additive synthesis.

Exception Summary