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Playback options in jAudio

There are three different playback options in jAudio.

Playing directly from a file

This version of playback is safer than "Play Samples" because it is interruptible via the "Stop Playback" menu option under the Playback menu.

  1. Select a recording in the recordings table
  2. Select "Play From File" from the Playback menu.

Playing from Samples

NOTE This playback is uninterruptible. Do not use if you might want to kill the recording before it is finished. This file loads all the samples from the file (if not already loaded) and then plays from them.

  1. Select a recording from the recordings table
  2. Select "Play from Samples..." from the RPlayback menu.

Playing MIDI Files

To play a midi file:

  1. Choose the "Play MIDI..." menu option.
  2. left click on "Load MIDI File"
  3. Click "Play"
Note that the text box is not editable. It only shows the name of the midi file chosen via the file dialog.