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Roadmap jAudio 1.0

jAudio 1.0 will have some library removal code added, new features, and new aggregators. However, the application is otherwise frozen. In particular, there will be no interface changes to this release.

Roadmap jAudio 1.1

This is being produced by Cory McKay. As it is finished, it will be uploaded from the jMir project.

Roadmap jAudio 2.0

This project, possibly merging with the Marsyas project, will be a rewrite of the system incorporating the lessons learned from jAudio 1.0. In particular, the GUI will be completely decoupled from the underlying system, it will use a new class of helper functions for integrating differing sample rates, window lengths, etc.. The system will also be multi-threaded and real-time capable (but not verified - this requires real time Java thread scheduler). The designs are already public, listed here: